Cloud Technology

At Computers for Flooring we believe in cloud computing. As the technology has matured we started to integrate it more and more into our business until ultimately deciding to only offer CARMAN on our cloud based platform. We have heavily invested in creating our own secure private cloud infrastructure, that we own, in UK based datacentres provided by virtualisation specialists cbnine ltd. Taking this approach means we can deliver a robust, reliable and flexible system to our customers regardless of their existing IT infrastructure.

When you order CARMAN you are not just ordering a software system – you also get a platform to run your entire business on. We offer full Windows desktops that can be accessed from any end device (ie Smart phones, Tablets, laptops etc) and can be accessed from anywhere in the world. We can also offer the latest Microsoft Office products and manage your email, website hosting etc. All you need is a device to access the system and an internet connection (our system even runs on 3G!).

If you have multiple sites our system is perfect for you – CARMAN will link all of your sites and users together in one central place, removing the requirement for onsite servers at your various stores. CARMAN also comes with 20 GB of networked file storage to keep all of your company files in and can be accessed by all your users from any location.

All the information you store on our system is automatically backed up to another datacentre so you can be sure that all your information is safe with us. If you are security conscious then you are in the right place – all our servers sit behind industrial Cisco firewall appliances and all connections to our servers are encrypted and secured via SSL.

Common Cloud Questions

Is it secure?

Yes – when you connect to our cloud based system, from for example a laptop, what you are viewing resides in the datacentre and not on your laptop. The laptop is simply being used as a “viewer” to view a remote Windows virtual machine in a datacentre. Should you have your laptop stolen or if you leave it behind there is no private data stored on it so you are not at risk of other people having access to your sensitive information. When you log in to the system the connection you use is completely secured and encrypted ensuring full privacy.

Is my data safe?

Yes – as part of the CARMAN package all of your system information and personal files you store on our servers are backed up automatically every night to another datacentre. Our servers are protected by industrial Cisco firewall appliances to protect against unauthorised access. The servers themselves are owned by us and supported by both the datacentres and manufacturers.

Can I use my own existing computers and laptops to connect – even if they are very old?

Yes – because all the computing power is provided by us in the datacentre you do not need the latest and greatest computer to connect in- in fact any old machine can be transformed by connecting to our system, increasing the life span of computers you may have already purchased. We support pretty much all devices whether they be Apple, Microsoft, Android etc

Do we need servers or can we switch off existing servers when we swap over to CARMAN?

No, all you need is an Internet connection and device to connect in. We provide everything else. Many of our customers who already have servers on site decide to switch them off and move all of their data to our system.


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