Carman from Computers for Flooring is a user friendly, cloud based management system designed by flooring experts for the flooring industry. We work with industry specialists to ensure that our software ticks every box when it comes to running a successful flooring business.

Computers for Flooring recognise that every business is different, which is why we offer tailored solutions. From independent operators to multi-site organisations, we understand your needs and have a package to suit you. Our pricing policy, including a one off set-up fee is geared with affordability in mind.

From £3.25 per day
Designed for shops typically with 1 – 3 members of staff

From £3.58 per day
Designed for shops typically with 4 or more members of staff

From £3.91 per day
Designed for shops typically with 4 or more members of staff and frequent till sales

Our Carman management system not only gives complete visibility of your entire business at a click of a button, it also provides:


  • Accurate stock levels for your business, even accounting for any confirmed orders that have not yet been processed
  • Our sophisticated analysis tools within Carman allow you to make key decisions on ordering future stock, in addition to performance analysis of each shop and staff member
  • Free regular Carman updates – we use customer feedback for future upgrade requests
  • No need to invest in and maintain expensive servers, Computers for Flooring take care of all of your IT infrastructure
  • Computers for Flooring can manage your email hosting and Microsoft licensing, giving you automatic access to the most recent product versions
  • As Carman is hosted on our private cloud system, you receive a fast, secure connection to Carman and your shared files from anywhere in the world
  • Complete compatibility with MacBooks, IPads, IPhones or any android device
  • Centralised data with real time without the requirement of existing IT infrastructure


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