Fitter Diaries

Manage all of your fitting staff with our visual fitter diary

Still using paper diaries or difficult to use scheduling software? Controlling your fit teams is the cornerstone of any flooring retailer. Our fitter diary shows all your staff appointments in one place. Appointments can be added manually or automatically, created from a quote or order. Customer and order information can be automatically transferred to the fitter diary allowing for fast scheduling of your staff.

Rearrange appointments by simply dragging, expanding or editing an appointment. Daily fitter schedules can be generated to provide fitters with all the relevant information to carry out their day and can be printed out or emailed directly to your fitter. Our colour coding system allows you to see what’s going on across your entire company, at a glance.

If you have multiple stores or sites CARMAN allows you to join your entire company’s team into one diary. Control your resources and easily allocate work to available teams. With our fitter diary you really do have full control of your teams.


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