Invoices & Payments

Invoices and payment manager – Instant access to your businesses core

The order manager holds all of your order information in one place. Invoices are generated directly from an accepted quotation and saved in the Order Manager and also as a saved PDF. Email your invoices directly from CARMAN at the click of a button. No need to attach files and compose emails to your customers – simply convert a quotation to an order and click the email invoice button. CARMAN then creates a PDF invoice and sends directly to your customer right from the system.

In this tough economic climate understanding your financial profile is essential. View your current outstanding payments and also completed unpaid information. Generate chase lists so that missing payments can be finalised and followed up effectively, improving your cash flow. Summary reports can be generated by order status / sales person / date ranges or any combination of the three. Export your reports to both PDF or Microsoft Excel.

Each order can have an unlimited amount of payments associated with it. Take part payments and deposits and issue reminders for outstanding payments. Using our export functions you can automatically move information to popular accounting packages such as Sage, Xero My Books etc.


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