Laser Measuring & Takeoff Software

Computers for Flooring have pleasure announcing our exclusive partnership with US flooring software company Pacific Solutions to bring its industry leading laser measuring and takeoff software to the UK. This partnership will allow Computers for Flooring to offer a fully integrated measuring and takeoff system into our established Carman Flooring management software platform.

SiteDraw Laser Measuring App 

Pacific Solutions SiteDraw App allows estimators to use a laser measuring device to measure and create the floorplans at the customer site using an iPad, iPhone or Windows tablet. The plans can the be exported into various common file formats or uploaded into Pacific Solutions FloorRight software for take off and planning of your measured rooms.

Key Features

  • Rooms are measured with the Disto A6 laser device and each wall dimension is then sent to the SiteDraw software.
  • Drawing: Each wall is drawn sequentially and once the last wall is connected the SiteDraw shows a completed room.
  • Positioning: A starting point is selected on the SiteDraw tool bar allowing you to draw the rooms in perfect relationship.
  • Doors: There is a tool bar option in SiteDraw that allows the doors to be automatically and accurately placed in the room.
  • Angles and Curves: SiteDraw beats all the competition without question when it comes to measuring Angles and Curves. It couldn’t be easier!
  • Naming rooms: Each room can be named by using the pull down “room name” “option menu”.
  • Saved files: Files are saved by name and then imported into FloorRight Estimating software along with the playback recording of room conditions
  • Export options: Files can be exported in a number of ways: .DXF, .BMP, GIF, .JPG, .XLS, comma separated text, etc

Pacific Solutions FloorRight Take Off Software

FloorRight is flooring’s most widely used take-off software, running in over 2,000 locations, enabling flooring companies to bid faster, with a greater degree of accuracy, and minimal material waste helping you land more jobs at higher margins.
With the flooring industry’s easiest to use estimating software, you can jump start your estimating department with minimal time investment.  Start by using the on screen drawing tools, or import a blueprint and trace over the rooms.  Next specify the materials per room, and our software does the rest.  Seam locations, cut sheets and job estimates with the click of a button. We’ll have you all set and ready to go in no time flat.

Key Features 

  • Cutting Plan : Calculating most efficient and optimal stock layout. Cutting roll diagrams and room perimeter counts.
  • Detailed seaming plan : Detailed seaming, and roll cutting diagrams and room perimeter counts help avoid errors and removes burden from your estimators.
  • Material Calculation : Advanced algorithms quantify the amount of material needed to complete the job all the time, every time.
  • All flooring types : FloorRight can handle patterned carpet or vinyl, tile patterns and strip flooring.
  • 3D : Three dimensional drawings, room multipliers all you will need to complete detailed project submissions.
  • Contract and Commercial : Perfect for hotels and apartments, simply draw a series of rooms, select and then tell FloorRight the number of matching units.  It’s an enormous time saver and multiplies your efficiency.
  • Flexibility: FloorRight doesn’t try to out-think a skilled estimator with years of flooring experience. You can move seams, insert seams, reverse direction, change starting points and quarter turn product.  So don’t think the machines have assumed control, because you’re still in charge.

Carman and FloorRight – The perfect partnership 

FloorRight works seamlessly with Carman to manage the full flooring sales process from measure to installation. We have a comprehensive implementation process and our experienced UK based team will ensure ongoing training and support. We offer training workshops, online or one to one and will tailor a package to suit your business needs making sure you’re utilising the software to maximise your profits.

Key Features 

  • Measure – Measure quickly and efficiently using SiteDraw.
  • Plan – Use FloorRight to develop your installation plan ensuring the most efficient use of material and labour.
  • Quote – Transfer the FloorRight plans to Carman to create your quotation quickly and efficiently.
  • Deliver – Manage the complete sales process using Carman’s comprehensive and intuitive tools including invoicing, payments, stock ordering, stock allocations and fit scheduling.


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