Our Platform

Our software runs on our own private cloud infrastructure. Taking this approach means we can deliver a robust, reliable and flexible system to our customers regardless of their existing IT infrastructure.  When you order Carman you are not just ordering a software system – you also get a platform to run your entire business on. We offer full Windows desktops that can be accessed from any end device (ie Smart phones, Tablets, laptops etc) and can be accessed from anywhere in the world. We can also offer the latest Microsoft Office products and manage your email, website hosting etc. All you need is a device to access the system and an internet connection (our system even runs on 3G!)

A Reliable Solution

Our cloud system provides you with a completely reliable and stable IT platform. This means that:
  • Your local machines will not need to be replaced as frequently as they will do very little work
  • All software upgrades are included
  • Data storage is assured
  • Regular maintenance is included

How Can the Cloud Save You Money?

Advanced Security and Data Back Up

Data Centres (the cloud) have much higher levels of IT and physical security.
The servers are monitored and maintained around the clock in a secure and modern hosting suite. The secure site protects against physical risks including data theft, vandalism, floods, fire and smoke to ensure the safety of your critical data assets. We also provide a full back up facility so you can never lose a file. Have the assurance that all your data is in the most secure place.


By operating in the cloud you can use the likes of Windows 7 and Microsoft Office on a pay as you go basis. Your software will also always be the latest version with absolutely no need to pay to upgrade.

Local Machine

For the local machine you use to access your virtual machine, it means it does not have to work as hard and can last longer . When it comes to a replacement of a PC you could change to a ‘thin client’ which we are able to supply at the fraction of the cost of a PC.
Our system is guaranteed to save you money with greater predictability and reliability of future costs.

Energy Cost

By reducing the performance requirements of the machines in your office, you will reduce the energy demand, saving on the electricity bills and a saving in your carbon energy footprint too.


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