The profitability manager – take the guesswork out of quoting

When you create a quotation in CARMAN you pick items from the inbuilt stock database. All items have a base cost as well as a markup – this includes all items including labour costs. Because of this CARMAN knows exactly how much profit is in each job. Selected users can view and control the profitability of each item. Looking to reduce your margins slightly on a quotation you know needs to be competitive ? No problem, simply select the item and use the intuitive slider interface to increase / decrease the profitability on that item.

When you adjust an items profitability you get to see the overall impact the change has on both the item, and the quotation as a whole – all in realtime! Had a customer come back and ask if you can “do a bit more” on their quotation? No problem – open the quote start tweaking and reissue, all done within minutes. Of course the profitability manager is not there just to reduce your profits – if you think you are being too generous the slider also goes the other way!


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