Stock Control

Stock Management – keep track of your inventory and product ranges

The CARMAN stock manager handles all of your product ranges, services and stock, it’s the backbone of the CARMAN system. When you generate a quotation in CARMAN all the information is taken from the stock database. We have a standard set of products from major retailers included with the system that we are expanding all the time.

You can also manually add products using our easy to use tools. Quickly work out mark-ups base prices and RRP’s using our product calculator. See what items you currently have in stock and the profit in stock you are holding, CARMAN can also alert you when you are running low on stock of your bestselling lines and automate the replenishment process.

Are you a flooring product retailer and want your products to appear in CARMAN to make it easier for our customers to order from you? Email us at and we’ll send you our Excel template that allows us to easily add your products to our system.


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