Customer Case Studies

“We had a 40% increase in sales last year which has helped double the profits. I cannot do without Carman from Computers for Flooring and I don’t see how others in my industry can do without it.”

Multi Site Retailer, Scotland
I first saw Carman and the team at Computers for Flooring at the Harrogate Floor Show in 2011. I had a demonstration of the software and could immediately see how it would completely change the way I ran my flooring business, streamlining the whole process and saving valuable time. I thought about it over the next few days but the reality was, I had become a victim of my own success and what I needed was controlled expansion. I knew Carman would give me this and so I took the plunge. I felt reassured by The Computers for Flooring team, their knowledge and enthusiasm for the flooring industry and the backup that came with the software.

The benefits of Carman were seen immediately, as it provides transparency for what is actually happening in the business. Gone were the multiple transactions needed to provide a customer with their product, and we now have a much faster response with customers, with customer data once entered passing automatically from process to process, and stock managed in the same way. Being able to access Carman from outside of the shop is also a great benefit and means I can manage the business from wherever I am. Prior to Carman, being away from the business was a huge stress, with constant telephone calls to and from the staff for all sorts of issues such as, stock availability, diary management, payments etc., All of those problems are now gone as everyone can see the up to date position.

The controlled growth has seen me a step nearer to fulfilling my long term goals. Carman has allowed a focused business plan to become a reality. I am able to maximise on all potential sales opportunities and get staff to chase up all their unconverted quotes and can keep an eye on their quote to sales ratio, identifying any further staff training that is needed. I have peace of mind when not at work because I am able to visually see what is going on. I am able to monitor not just the business but the staff as well. My leisure time is made all the more enjoyable since working with Carman.

The return on investment since using Carman has multiple strands which have all combined in the ability to bring in increased business in a controlled way, seeing my business diversify and strengthen.

“Since implementing Carman we have a more professional business model. We are finding it easier to assess the more profitable areas of the business and concentrate on these. This system will 100% suit any flooring company that wants to streamline the way they work.”

Single Site Retailer, Gloucestershire

The initial requirements when looking at software for my business were to ensure accuracy and consistency when quoting, and to make it easier to employ staff without any experience in the flooring trade. From the moment I tried Carman I knew having everything “in a box” priced my way would suit the way I wanted the business to run. It solved the problem of at busy periods of time staff making errors and or guessing at material costs instead of working things out properly.

It’s brilliant to look at jobs and see the profitability immediately without having to get out price lists and work out costs. At busy periods this can also assist with arranging the diary and prioritising jobs. I can instantly decide if a discount can be given or not. It has also made an impact on knowing where errors have been made and by whom. I also like the fact you can look at the performance charts and see what’s selling the most. This allows a quick decision on stock purchases.

I have more control on the business as a whole. I am able to take on the pricing of products on the system and print the labels. Whereas previously I had no choice I had to give a pricing structure to a member of staff and they manually priced the sample books. This lead to frustration when errors were made and loss of profit if the error was pricing too low. Or loss of an order if the error was pricing too high. We also have the system installed at home. So when required, quotations can be done out of hours and e-mailed without having to travel to the shop. We also have a much smaller paper trail and have consequently saved on postage and banking.

“We’re now much more with the times. Computers For Flooring have just made things much easier and much more accessible to all that work in the company not just the office staff. Our business has 100% changed for the better.”

Single Site Retailer, North London

We have been established in the flooring industry for over 20 years and have seen great changes over the years. We invested in Carman as we were working with a program that wasn’t as easy and efficient as we would have liked, upon seeing Carman we realized that it was possible to have everything you needed in a single program.
Carman makes it so much easier to keep track of our financial information and manage the profit we make on each job. Converting a quote to an order and then to a job sheet with a few clicks of a button is a great help. It has just made business easier, less pen and paper and looking around the office for a bit of paperwork that can never be found. With Carman we just have to log on to find all the info we need.

Knowing that we can contact the Computers for Flooring staff who are all more than friendly and take an interest in how we are doing instead of just the business is great. The workload has decreased as we are now much more efficient and meaning more time out of the office.

“Since moving to Carman I am able to manage my business from afar and am even able to take holidays – whilst increasing my businesses profitability. I fully recommend both the system and the company.”

Single Site Retailer, North London

When my business was starting to run my life I knew that something had to change. I had a few different computer systems running alongside paper systems and everything was becoming far too time consuming and we were at capacity. Having read about Carman in the trade press I decided to go ahead and move all of my business into the one system. The transition process was managed very efficiently by the CFF team and I was always able to speak directly with them to answer my questions.


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