Remnant Control

Carman ensures your remnant stock is kept as low as possible by automatically matching remnants to cut lengths.

Stock Management

From cut lengths to multi-site stock holders, our extensive stock management system can meet your needs

Supplier Management

Easily manage your supplier product databases, prices and mark-ups.


Get a real time overview of your business with stock status, alerts, staff and customer communications in one place.

Integrated Diary

Our visual diary was designed from the ground up to manage fitter and estimator teams and integrates with MS Exchange, Google calendar etc.


Give your customers a personal experience with our powerful Customer Relations Manager. Carman remembers all the important information.

Quotes and Invoices

Create quotes in seconds using our unique templates; instantly convert to invoice whilst tracking revenue and profit.

Payment Tracker

Stay on top of late payers and debtors with our automated payment manager; chase payments with SMS and email reminders.

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