Carman’s dashboard is the virtual noticeboard for your business, providing real-time information with stock status, alerts, staff and customer communications all in one place. The noticeboard delivers the highest level of customer service offering familiarity of each customer’s status and history, with  knowledge of each enquiry or job; unread customer SMS are displayed as well as internal messages and ‘to do’ lists for staff.


Your customers will have a personal experience with our powerful Customer Relations Manager. Carman remembers all the important information and displays it in one place; create customer groups and tag for future marketing campaigns; email, call or SMS directly from the CRM without the need to open external applications; all information is stored to ensure historical agreements or contact is not lost.


Create quotes in seconds using our unique templates; instantly convert to an invoice and track revenue and profit; customise your quotation layout masking certain areas or the whole quote; duplicate your current invoice type to a digital format removing the costly outlay of letter headed paper; build a quotation in line with customer expectation or overcome any pricing objection.


Stay on top of late payers and debtors with our powerful payment manager; chase payments with SMS and email reminders; document each customer interaction; set due dates on invoices and let Carman remind you.


Our visual diary was designed from the ground up to manage fitter and estimator teams and integrates with MS Exchange, Google calendar etc.  A truly revolutionary tool for your business allowing you to synchronise and update external diaries from the comfort of Carman.


Easily manage your supplier product databases, prices and markups.


Catering for cut lengths or a multi-site large stockholder, our extensive stock management system can meet your needs.  Set minimum threshold on essential stock items to ensure you are never caught short; Carman will alert you and allow you to generate supplier orders direct from the system.


Carman ensures your remnant stock is kept as low as possible by automatically matching remnants to cut lengths.  Produce reports detailing ages and location of remnant stock; Carman has the ability to create stickers for your remnant displaying retail price and current remnant offer.